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Q: Are you Manufacturer of Trade company?

A: We are manufacture.

Q: Are you Fermenter is high tech, control -pH, DO, temparature,anti-foaming, aeration,SS316L?

A: Yes. And we have ORP and pO2 controller for customer option.

Q:Do you accept customize or OEM?


Q: Warranty?

A: 1 year international warranty.

Q: How is the MOQ?

A: 1 unit.

Q: Do you have overseas installation service?

A: Yes.


We produce Microbial fermenter,Glass fermenter,Stainless steel fermenter,Multi-stage fermenter,Multi-couplet stainless fermenter,Airlift fermenter,Plant cell bioreactor(illumination),Animal cell bioreactor,Solid fermentor,Enzyme Bioreactor,Vaccine Bioreactor,The bottom agitation bioreactor,Advanced Fermentor(weighing),Production fermentation system,GMP standard fermentation tank,Mixing tank,Exhaust analyzer,Advanced analysis software Algae photo bioreactor, fermenter tank, Anaerobic fermentation monitor


How to Place an Order?

Step1: Getting inquire

Step2: Quoting based on details provided

Step3: Confirmation of prices and parameters

Step4: Confirmation the first payment

Step5: Prepare the cargo

Step6: Shipment

Stpe7: After-sales service

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